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Castle Aura Enterprise is a leader in marketing solutions for your business

At Castle Aura, we’re revolutionizing the way our clients operate their in-store marketing campaigns by leveraging direct-to-consumer sales techniques in order to create a unique, personalized shopping experience. Working hand-in-hand with some of the biggest retailers in the world, Castle Aura combines a dedicated knowledge of their clients’ mission and goals with their unbending commitment to the customer in order to enhance consumer loyalty and drive sales skyward. Castle Aura has developed and executed many successful marketing campaigns that have helped their clients reach customers and hit them when it matters most.

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Castle Aura Enterprise BBB Business Review

Castle Aura Enterprise is proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we agree to uphold their standards for trust:

-Build Trust
-Advertise Honestly
-Tell the Truth
-Embody Integrity
-Honor Promises
-Be Responsive
-Safeguard Privacy
-Be Transparent

Castle Aura Enterprise has upheld their A+ rating since becoming accredited and strives to make this an impeccable company to be apart of.

Marketing is about more than simply securing customers for our clients; it’s about building brand loyalty by creating relationships that last. Our presence within large retail venues allows us to capture shoppers with a money-spending mindset.

Equipped with expert knowledge of the products and services offered by our various clients, Castle Aura drives sales and success by engaging and informing shoppers of the benefits offered by specific brands and products in order to create brand loyalty and ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our customer retention is determined primarily by our intuitive marketing skills and resulting customer service received, and this is what Castle Aura excels at.